Welcome to the

Cultural Exchange Club


We all grow up being proud of our unique cultural backgrounds. Would you like to introduce your culture to us? Would you like to know more about people from other cultures? Join our club! We will learn and have plenty of fun. The Cultural Exchange Club is a student organization providing social and cultural interaction between international and American students. Membership is open to all students at South Georgia College.

In the past we have sponsored many activities, including the Cultural Festival; Field trip to Chinatown in Atlanta and to St. Augustine; Tastes of Diverse Cultures; Martial Arts Demonstration; Foreign Film Nights; Windows to the World Symposia; My Homeland Lectures; International Dinner, to list just a few.

If you are interested, please contact club advisor at
Dr. Yuna Chen - Collins 210; 260-4251; yuna.chen@sgsc.edu

Cultural Festival (2009)

Autumn Festivals around the World (2008) Preparing Spring Festival Feast (2008) "Dragon Dance"
Fieldtrip to Chinatown (2008)
Memorial ceremonies for the dead from different cultures(2007)
Martial Arts Demo: Self-defense (2006) Foreign Film Night (2005) A Taste of Cultures (2005) "My Homeland - Sweden" (2005)
  International Dinner at South Georgia College (2005)