BIOL 2215


Dr. Yoga Sundram

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Power Point lectures :  Read the chapters, print the slides and bring them to class.

                                    You may take additional notes as the lecture progresses.


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 2014 FALL Micro Study Guide Disease symptoms chart.xls

2014 FALL Micro Study Guide Bacterial disease chart.xls

StudY Guide Micro Chapter  8

Study Guide  Micro Chapter 7

Study Guide Micro Ch 11, 12, 13

Study Guide  Micro terminology chapter 11 12 13

Study Guide  Micro  ch 12

 STUDY GUIDE Antimicrobial action drawing


 Lab Manual 

Microbiology Laboratory Manual by Dr. Yoga Sundram, published by LAD custom Publishing.

Lab exercises will be from the manual and the reports are submitted on tear off sheets from the manual. It is required that each student purchase a copy and submit reports from the appropriate pages. Students are expected to read the corresponding chapters and come prepared for the labs.