ENGL 0989

The student who passes ENGL 0989 will be able to 

         compose college-level sentences.

         compose college-level paragraphs.  

         comprehend college-level writing.


ENGL 1101

Students will  be able to write a freshman-level essay, demonstrating their facility with

         Purpose and Audience

         Organization and Coherence

         Making and Supporting Claims

         Grammar, Mechanics, and Syntax


ENGL 1102

Students will be able to write a sophomore-level essay, demonstrating their facility with:

         The development of an argument

         Supporting an argument through the use of evidence, analysis, and citations

         Essay-level and paragraph-level organization 

         And the conventions of standard written English (Mechanics,  Usage,  Grammar,  and Spelling)


ENGL 2111

Students will be able to

         recognize the significance of the major authors of world literature.

         recognize the significance of the canonical works of world literature.

         trace the development of the genres of world literature.


The Gen Ed Outcome for Area A1:

Students will adapt communication to purpose and audience using the conventions of standard written English.


Gen Ed Area C: 

Students will apply knowledge of historical, social, or cultural influence to understanding works of human creativity.


Critical Thinking Overlay:

Students will analyze, evaluate, and synthesize information in order to make inferences and draw conclusions.


Global Perspectives Overlay:

Students will analyze the nature of historical, political, or societal issues from various viewpoints across the globe.