Rosa Guedes,Ph.D.


I like to conduct my teaching with a sense of empathy and understanding for my students, using my own personal gifts and talents to their utmost. I want to give my students all that I have to offer, and let them use me as a resource and a role model in a relaxed learning atmosphere. I have extensive experience working on the concepts of ecosystem sustainability and have incorporated them in my Environmental Science course.

Biology 2107 
Course Description: The first in a two-semester sequence addressing biological principles. This course is designed for students majoring in science. This course covers topics which are primarily molecular. Areas studied include the chemistry of life, the cell, respiration, photosynthesis, mitosis, meiosis, genetics, protein synthesis, and recombinant DNA technology. Some knowledge of chemistry is helpful. Laboratory exercises supplement the lecture material. Prerequisite: Passing or exempting READ 0099.

Course Requirements: Attendance and class participation, group work, quizzes, exams, assignments, final exam, and additional requirements as outlined during lab and lecture. 
Textbook: Urry. Campbell Biology in Focus. Pearson.
Laboratory Manual: Mader. Biology. 11th edition. McGraw Hill.



Ph.D.     Ecology, School of Ecology, The  University of Georgia), sponsored by  Brazilian Council for Research Science and    

              Technology by UFRPE). Dissertation:  Phosphorus Solubilization by Pigeonpea Cajanus cajan in a Georgia Ultisol          

MS       Ecology at Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul Brazil .

BS        Biology Education / UFPE/ Brazil                                

  Awards, Recognitions and Fellowships:

      1    Schuylkill Action Network Scholastic Award a community service and experiential learning   award The School of Science and Health,    May 3, 2010 

2. PHI, BETA, DELTA Honor Society for International Scholars Spring Induction Ceremony at University of Georgia. This Society aims to recognize and encourage achievements in the field of International Education, University of Georgia, and March, 2001.

3. One of 43 selected from a pool of 803 women to receive The American Association of University Women (AAUW)  1992-1993.

4. The Eugene and William Odum Foundation Research Award, Institute of Ecology, 1991.

5.  Faculty Award for Excellence in Teaching, selected by Agronomy students, class of 98/UFRPE.

6.    Faculty Award for Excellence in Teaching, selected by Biology students, class of 1998/UFRPE.

7.    Faculty Award for Excellence in Teaching, selected by Biology students, class of  1986/UFRPE. 

8.    Received 1988-1993 from Brazilian Council for Science, Research, and Technology (CNPq).

9.    Received from 1995 to 1998 & from 2003 to 2004 scholarship from CAPES a Brazilian    Federal Agency for Support and Evaluation of Postgraduate Education, to be Biology Mentor

10.   Biology Honors Program Coordinator (12 students per year) at UFRPE University