Using this help system

Navigating Help topics

Click the Contents tab in the navigation bar to view a detailed site map and a hierarchy of topics. Use the sidebar to quickly move around the product help pages. The sidebar is visible from every product page to provide easy navigation.

Tip  You can use your browser's Back and Forward buttons to navigate.

Searching the Help system

Use the integrated search engine located in the main navigation bar to immediately find relevant topics and resources.

Search Desire2Learn Help

  1. Click in top-right Search box of Desire2Learn Help or click the Search tab in the navigation bar to display the search pane.
  2. Enter a keyword and press Enter.
  3. View the search results and click any topic to view it in the main window.

Bookmarking topics in Help

You can bookmark any topic in Desire2Learn Help and set it as one of your favorites in your browser. You can then revisit the content at your convenience.

Add a topic as a favorite

Click Bookmark at the top of any page to add it as a favorite in your browser.

Note  This functionality only works in Internet Explorer and Firefox.

Firefox bookmarking

By default, if you add a bookmark in Firefox, the option Load this bookmark in the sidebar is enabled. If you want to open the bookmark in a new window, right-click the bookmark, choose Properties, clear Load this bookmark in the sidebar, and click Save Changes.

Firefox properties


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